How To Join

First, visit a meeting. You are not required to participate in the short speaking segment, but your visit provides a great opportunity to begin the process of networking and forging relationships within the group. Initial visits are complimentary (full buffet breakfast). For subsequent visits, we ask only that you cover the cost of breakfast ($11.00).

Second, apply. Applications are available at meetings or by email. We review completed applications, check references, and discuss the application (usually by small group or committee).

Third, mutual agreement. Before offering you a position in the group, we review our rules and agreements about fees, attendance. Assuming you accept our invitation to join, we then formally welcome you as a member.

Costs. Membership costs $75.00/year, plus a one-time application fee of $25.00 (initial check is $100). Breakfast fees that vary depending on the number of weeks in a month, but typically are $44.00 or $55.00. We are a not-for-profit mutual benefit organization, which means your dues go directly (and only) to cover material costs. At the end of the year, if we have surplus money remaining we either redistribute it back to members or give it to charity.

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