Who Is the Eugene Business Referral Group?

The Eugene Business Referral Group (EBRG) is an association of business professionals who work closely together and build a foundation of knowledge, trust, and accountability in their business practices. Based on that knowledge and trust, we refer fellow members to our clients, business associates, and acquaintances, as appropriate.

Local professionals – EBRG members are local business professionals with significant roots in the local community.

Trusted – Not just anyone can become a member. EBRG members have undergone a careful application and screening process to ensure that their business and business practices meet EBRG's standards of quality, service, and ethics.

Known – Weekly meetings are geared toward educating each other about each our businesses, strengths, specific areas of expertise, and ideal client profile. We refer each other to our own clients, friends, and associates based on that knowledge – not just for the sake of making a referral.

Accountable – Because of the community aspect of EBRG and the depth of relationship between members, accountability is an inherent feature of our organization.

For information about our meeting times, please see our Events Schedule page.

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